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Before and After Interior

This was easy.  Undo the screws and push the panels towards the back of the door.

Check all the interior bolts and make sure they are not loose.

This one is a bit tricky.  Make sure to undo the 3 connections
(2 if you do not have traction control)

This was a bit of pain to take out.

This one is for the emergency indicator. If you are not careful you may pull the switch apart.
But you can put it back together easy.

These yellow ones may come off as you are pulling the console away.

What a transformation.

The green connectors go to the seatbelt.  If you want the buzzer to stay off do not connect them.

This is after the back cup holder is off.

Seats are out and harnesses go in.

I saw someone do this.  It looked cleaner.

This is for the fifth point--make sure the bar is installed this way and not flipped.

The fire extinguisher bracket goes next.

I used a bit of foam insulation to put under the metal bracket for extra protection

It is done.

I always had an issue with my phone and wallet
Now THX to an LT member "Marc" I have a place for them.

And I am done for now with the interior. 


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