Here are few pictures showing the bolt locations for
A128B4143K Vane Assembly LH, A128B4144K Vane Assembly RH

Here is my car up on jacks.

This is from an Elise in UK.

From Lotus Parts

This is from under the car - Front of the clamshell.
Lower right is where the under body panel is removed to gain access.

This is the view of the back when the panel is removed.


This is the new of the opening.  The siren is pointing towards the front of the car.
(This reminds me to replace the horn as it sounds bad)
This is the left side as you are looking up.

This is the crash box and center mesh from inside opening panel.
Not the wheel cover.

This is a bit closer - same as above - the right side.
The mesh you see is the center mesh and not the side one.


Right side again closer - as you can see not enough room to get a tool in place and your hand to do the work.
The mesh you see is the center mesh and not the side one.


Below are few pictures from left - front side of the car after the the wheel line was removed


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